Monday, January 29, 2018

The Magical Bath Routine

When you become a parent, the one thing ALL parents constantly talk about is sleep. How many naps does your baby take? How long is his/her naps? Does she/he sleep through the night? How frequently do they wake up? Any parent knows that, SLEEPING LIKE A BABY does not occur over night. However, that phrase does happen hopefully once the baby is sleep trained and sleeping through the night.

Well, R is my third baby and all of those "normal" sleeping questions did no apply to us. R slept when she could but she was exhausted because she woke up every single night screaming because of her eczema. After the 4 month mark of waking up about 4-5 times every night, I was at my wits end. I also had 2 other children that I needed to take care of, and I thought my body was shutting down. Me and my baby needed sleep and eczema was preventing us from doing that.

Anyways, when I found oil of oregano, I took a different approach for baths. In the eczema community, bathing in hot water is a BIG no no. It is known to dry up your skin more and irritate the skin. Well, I beg to differ. In many Asian countries, doing a half-body bath is very popular for blood circulation, getting rid of toxins, and to clear up your skin. 

Despite all the websites that told me not to do a hot bath, I decided to try my method. My theory for doing the half body bath was this: I could moisturize my baby's skin by making her sweat and put on oil of oregano while her pores were open from a hot bath. Also, I thought that having her body sweat out the toxins ( since babies don't sweat much ) could help her get rid of the eczema.

I decided to try out my hot half bath theory/hypothesis and see the results. Here's what I did for 1 week every single night. The result? I never saw any eczema on her body again.
  1. Go into the tub with R with running warm water to get her used to the warm water temp.
  2. Once she was used to the warm water temp, I made the water temp hotter, enough for both of us to sweat. 
  3. I stop the water once it covered her belly button. We were only doing a half bath, and we did not need her entire body in the water.
  4. I put in dead sea salt for my baths.
  5. We played inside the hot water for 15 minutes with toys to distract her from being hot. She didn't seem too bothered by it.
  6. After 15 minutes, I did not wrap her up in a towel. I carried her to the bed dripping wet and massaged oil of oregano mix for 5 minutes.
  7. Then, I put on the puriya cream and massaged her again for another 5 minutes.
  8. I got a tight onesie that covered her body and soaked it in hot water to make it warm.
  9. I put this onesie on immediately after I was done massaging the puriya cream onto her and had her wear it for 1 hour.
  10. I put a warm fleece onesie over her so that she wouldn't be too cold. 
  11. After 1 hour, I took off all the onesies, and put on oil of oregano mix massaging it in for 5 minutes, and then puriya cream for 5 minutes.
  12. Put on a nice dry organic cotton onesie, breastfeed, and go to bed.
Even the first night we did this, R didn't wake up as frequently to scratch. Also, because of the long bath- she was very tired. Her body felt hydrated and she was much happier. If I had time, I probably would have done this twice a day- but it was hard for me to find time during the day.

This was her body picture before the bath ritual:

Her back was terrible. She was so itchy. You can't see very well, but her arms, legs, and front area was very bumpy and itchy too. 

R's back and front 3 months later. Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of her body immediately after she got better. But, I can tell you that it was this clear almost 2 weeks after I started her bath ritual.

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