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The solution: Oil of Oregano & Puriya Cream Regiment

Before I begin to explain my regiment, I am going to put out a disclaimer here. I am NOT a doctor, I am NOT gaining anything from posting the regiment I used for my baby. I cannot guarantee that this will work for you/your child. However, the reason I decided to take my time to write this blog is because a couple of months ago, I posted my baby's before and after picture ( after the regiment ) on a mommy's group through facebook, and I received an overwhelming amount of inquiries about what I did. I realized, there are so many babies and mothers out there suffering from eczema like us, and I really felt their frustration/pain. Unless you've been a mom with a baby/person dealing with eczema, you won't realize how bewildering it is to be living in this day and age with no REAL solution for eczema.

With that said, here is the formula I used on baby R's face and body
  • 1 TINY ( I will explain why I emphasize the tiny later ) drop of oregano oil
  • 5 TBSP of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Puriya Cream to moisturize her face & body

Here's my most frequent questions from people:
  1. How many times a day do you put on the oil of oregano? I put it on constantly every single day until the eczema subsided. I also massaged it into her skin for 5 minutes rather than just put it on and leave it.
  2. Why is my baby's skin is getting more irritated by the oil of oregano? Most likely, you put in too much oil of oregano. Oregano oil is potent. It is VERY strong. Please use a tiny amount. It does the job. It goes a long way. If it looks red and irritated, dilute it more with olive oil. Please be patient with this process. Many people freak out and give up when they see that the baby screams/seems irritated. Trust me, my daughter did too. If you just dilute it and keep putting it on, you will see their skin get better in a day.
  3. How long do you use this? R's eczema would clear up but would come back again. I put it on every time her eczema came back. I did not use it when she didn't have any eczema. When her eczema finally disappeared, I stopped using it.
  4. Can I use this with the topical steroid I am using? Honestly, I don't know but I did not use any steroids when I used this. I needed to know if oregano oil worked. I would recommend not using any topical steroids at this time.
  5. Did you change your diet? No. I did not change my diet or eliminate any foods ( dairy, gluten, etc). I kept everything the same as before. This was also to see if the product worked without changing anything else.
  6. Were you purely breastfeeding? Yes. She was purely breastfed and never ate any formula.
  7. Can I use coconut oil instead of olive oil? Yes, but I found that olive oil worked better. 
  8. Why isn't the oil of oregano moisturizing the skin? The oil of oregano will not make the skin moisturized. That's why I used the puriya cream afterwards to moisturize the skin. 
  9. What is puryia cream? I was looking for a good cream for eczema. I used everything that said "eczema" on it, but this cream worked wonders. I wanted to make sure I wasn't putting steroid cream on her while looking for a natural remedy. I found the cream through amazon reviews, and I am so grateful I found it. 
Since pictures are worth a thousand words, without further due, I will show you her healing process in 1 month.

 March 9, 2017 - Weeping Eczema. No remedy

Both cheeks are weeping, forehead crusty from the weeping eczema. 

   March 10, 2017. One day after using just oil of oregano regiment

Her cheeks started drying up from the weeping eczema, her forehead crust started disappearing. She was able to nap without waking up because her body didn't itch as much.

March 12, 2017

Forehead crust is almost all gone. Cheeks are not weeping.

March 13, 2017

Taking a bath. Everything getting much better. 

March 14, 2017

 5 days of using oil of oregano & 3 days of puriya cream. Skin has cleared up so much.

March 17, 2017

The day she slept like a baby (all through the night ), and her skin looked like a baby too. I cried. 

March 29, 2017

I won't lie. There were days the eczema came back just on her face. 
This was one of those days. Back to the regiment

April 4, 2017

I never had to worry again though. In a matter of a couple of days, 
her skin came back to normal with oil of oregano and puriya cream.

   April 9, 2017

One month later. Happy baby. Like I said, eczema would come and go- but she NEVER had it as severe as she did before. It also went away within days.

As you can see, R's eczema got better almost immediately. It was a miracle. God truly answered my prayers. I cried a lot because we had been suffering for 2 months with no solution. I was so tired because R never slept through the night because she was in pain and itchy. I felt so lost and finally, something worked! 

R had eczema severely on her face and on her body. For her body, I did another routine which made her eczema on her body disappear in 1 week forever. It was laborious, but SO worth it. I will share that on the next post! Stay tuned..

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